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Please Read the following before purchasing your class.

E-Card Validity Statement: Effective January 1, 2018, all course completions will be issued an E-Card.

Book Option - AHA requires that you have the book as pictured in the class description.  If you the have the one pictured then just bring it with you to class.  If you do not have it then add it to your cart. 

Online Courses - If you purchase any of the classes that begin with "online" in the title you do not need to purchase anything afterwards.  Your online access key is included on your receipt and directions for the online course are in your confirmation e-mail.  The online course date that you choose will be the date for your skills check, which will be performed at the Kansas CPR Training Center, 3411 S Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66611.

Online courses in which keycodes have been issued by Kansas CPR, Inc. are not refundable. Online course registrations will only be held in our system for 60 days from date of registration.  After 60 days, the course shall be considered null and void. Re-registration and payment of the full price will be required.

After purchasing your course be sure to check your spam folder to ensure you did not miss receiving your receipt or confirmation email.

If you are not sure which class you need, or have questions, please call 785-230-4140 or e-mail us before purchasing.

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The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in all AHA courses and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees neededfor AHA course materials, do not represent income to the AHA.
Per the AHA Program adminstration Manual.
Replacement Cards 
Please call our office at 785-230-4140.  We will verify your information and process your order.  BLS, Heartsaver, and ACLS replacement cards are $20.00 each plus tax.